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What is so special about GW Auctions?
GW Auctions is an auction site developed specially for Guild Wars. This gives it an edge over the other auctions sites which use a standard system. GW Auctions is also the only site where you can actually "see" the item before you buy it. The seller gives all relevant data, and potential buyers will see the item as if it was in their inventory. This means there is no need for cryptic signs like "20/20 15^50 +30"

For an ever increasing number of items, you don't even have to fill out the data yourself. A large amount of items are in the Quicklist, including almost every unique (green) weapon, all upgrade components, inscriptions, runes, insignias, miniatures and more.

Screenshot library
You can supply your own screenshot with an auction, but even if you don't there is still a chance that the item is in the screenshot library along with 1951 other screenshots.

Advanced search
You can search for anything about an item. Its name, its colour and even effects and descriptions. For example, you can search for "Energy +5" or you can search for "health" to sum up all items that modify your health.

Easy tracking
You can view all your own auctions on a simple page and you can track auctions to watch their progress just as simply. You can even get notifications when items are added that you want, or have a look at the items others want. Need a price check? Try the price records first, or ask someone at the forums.

We have 14603 registered users and there are currently 24 auctions running.
664 810 582 has been traded through this site since records began.
There are 126 users online: 0 member(s) and 126 guest(s).

Random auction:

Item type: Sword
Owner: Jorre22225
Opening bid: 10 0
Buyout: 10 0
Time left: 2 days
Flamberge Flamberge

13 January 2021, 12:02:20 
The website will be closing.

I regret to announce that gwauctions.org will be closing down soon. The costs of the hosting no longer make sense taking into account the reduced traffic of the past years.

I want to thank everyone who helped the website over the years by trading here. I wish you all the best!

21 May 2017, 20:29:17 
A note to anyone who may want to chat with me (or others if it catches on), you can find me on IRC in the ##gwauctions channel on freenode.

A quick URL for clients that support it: irc://chat.freenode.net/##gwauctions

You can also use the freenode webclient: https://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=##gwauctions

My nickname on freenode is "de-vri-es". My client is (almost) always connected, but I might be away. I do read back missed messages though, so if you stick around I'll probably reply later.

19 September 2013, 18:44:00 
Since Guild Wars 2 has come out, it's a lot more quiet here. As a result, I'm also not on the site very often. So should something need my attention, please send me an email at maarten@gwauctions.org.

Happy trading

13 May 2012, 23:22:36 
New staff member
I'm happy to announce that Michelle has accepted our request to join the staff team. She will be helping us run the site and make sure your experience here is as pleasant as possible.

11 February 2012, 01:41:18 
Privacy policy updated
The privacy policy has been updated to include a note on the use of cookies by GW Auctions. Please make sure you are aware of the GW Auctions Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

  • GW Auctions may place a "cookie" on your computer in order to make the use of GW Auctions easier. This cookie is required for the log-in functionality of GW Auctions, and may be used for other technical reasons.

17 October 2011, 16:56:33 
New staff member

I'm pleased to announce the latest addition to our staff team: Rnaat. As a long respected member she has proven to be trustworthy, and I'm happy to say she accepted our request to help out as a staff member.

18 August 2011, 07:41:26 
Valid In-game Name and valid email address

It is of vital importance that members provide a valid IGN and email address as part of their Personal Profile settings. Please ensure that when you create your account or change details that the provided details are valid and correctly spelled as any fault will result in other members being unable to contact you in-game, system messages failing to be delivered to your email and Moderators being unable to make contact outside of the system to bring to your attention any matters of importance.

The GW Auctions' Terms of Service are quite explicit: Limitation 7: You agree to provide a valid email address and in-game name with your profile information. An email or in-game name is not valid unless it belongs to you.

Members who fail to meet this obligation will have their accounts suspended until they contact Maarten, myself or Chris (Wombat) by email (See Staff & Contact from the Main Menu) with their correct details and, on regaining access to GW Auctions, proactively edit their profile settings for correct details.

11 January 2011, 21:23:17 
Marking Items as Sold/Traded in-Game

Limitations #12 and #13 of the Website Terms of Service specifically require the Buyer AND the Seller to mark auctions as completed.

12. You agree to mark all auctions as sold in-game when you have sold the item(s) to the winner of your auction.

13. You agree to mark all auctions as bought in-game when you have bought the item(s) from owner of the auction in question.

The purpose for doing this is that the trade event is accredited to both parties and Price Records are maintained to a higher level of accuracy than if Trades occur but are not recorded completed because one or both parties to the traded auction item fail to mark the auction as traded.

Even more importantly, failure to mark the item traded is a cause of frustration and leads to complaints. This results in friction, moderator intervention and unwanted follow-up actions.

Please abide by the Limitations #12 and #13 (as applicable) as it does make life much less fretful – for all of us.

23 November 2010, 10:46:14 
Hello everyone! This is my first front page news foray, I hope it's informative as well as enjoyable!

There has been an onslaught, lately, of people placing bids on items "accidentally". This is not only aggravating to us moderators because of the amount of these reports we're seeing, but it's also frustrating to the sellers of the items.

Please make sure you FULLY read the description of the item BEFORE you type in any monetary bid. You are also given a chance to backout of that bid once you've hit "Place Bid"; you are taken to a second page that gives you two choices either "Yes, place bid" or "No, go back to the item".

It is a violation of GWAuctions Terms of Service (ToS) to not go through with a trade, once you've placed the winning bid. Once you've won an auction, you are obligated to follow through with the trade of that item, or the moderators will have to step in, through the report system, and take appropriate action, as needed. Remember, ToS #11 states, "You agree to buy all items on which you placed the winning bid. You agree to pay that winning bid."

So, let's all take a few extra seconds to make sure the auctions are read over thoroughly, to reduce the amount of reports and frustrated customers.

If you have any questions regarding the ToS or accidental bids, please feel free to contact myself, or any of the other moderators.

Happy Gaming,

13 May 2010, 18:36:38 
Correct Auction Items

Many items are being put up for auction with incorrect data or errors. Typically, these are minor typographical errors or use of the wrong colour for each line of the auctioned item or multiple items with the item showing as singular (it is so easy to add an "S" in the right place!). Occasionally people are using the Owner's Comments to describe Upgrades and Inscriptions rather than show them in the website Item Panel.

Item detail must be entered so that it appears within the GW Auctions Item Panel as it appears in the Item Panel as viewed in-game. This is critical to successful Searches, Wishlist matching and future Price Record searches.

In the majority of cases, the Moderators will endeavour to make the corrections for you and we now have the facility to notify you of significant changes showing the item before and after our moderation.

Unfortunately, in a few instances, we will still need to return incorrect items to the Owners to edit and relist themselves.

If anyone has a problem using the Editors (either Modern or Classic) and needs advice, please do ask.

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